We are currently one of the largest professional industrial research, design, manufacture throwing, shot peening equipment, environmental dust removal equipment, sand processing equipment, V / EPC production line, modeling / core equipment and automated molding equipment industry base.

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  • Company Introduction

    Qingdao heng Lin group is a national high-tech enterprise, Qingdao credible demonstration enterprises, contracts and cooperation - materials science and engineering college of shandong university established the first domestic casting machinery research institute, is the present domestic the most complete specifications of the manufacturer in casting machinery most varieties, is a professional research and development design, production and manufacturing, shot blast cleaning equipment, environmental protection equipment, sand processing modelling is one of the main industrial base of automation equipment.
    The group company is located in Qingdao west coast economic development zone (huangdao district), which is the ninth state-level economic development zone approved by the state.
    Qingdao heng Lin surface treatment equipment engineering co., LTD., Qingdao heng Lin casting intelligent automation equipment co., LTD., Qingdao heng Lin environmental protection technology co., LTD., the company existing staff 260 people, with senior engineer, senior engineer, engineer as the main body of the professional and technical personnel 36 people, the company has general manager responsible for the national key research project, efficient blast cleaning line and the processing of sand molding line research and development tasks, and designed and developed the casting machine multiple industry the first (set) product.

  • Our News

    Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shandong University School of Materials Science and Engineering jointly established the first "Foundry Machinery Institute" in Zhuhai Street Office unveiled. Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Shandong University will rely on the solid scientific research and professional strengths, work together to develop world-class casting machinery sophisticated technology and products for the new casting machinery products R & D upgrade, enhance innovation and enhance the product market Competitive power to provide strong support.
         Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a privately owned enterprise in the New District. It is one of the industrial bases with the largest variety and the most complete technology in the same industry in China. It is one of the industrial bases that integrates professional research and design, manufacturing and selling, shot peening and environmental dust removal equipment. . The Company directly or indirectly participates in more than 100 projects of world-class and national-level large-scale construction projects. It has established cooperative relations with 53 countries and regions in the world and exports 20% of its products to overseas markets.

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    Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Mobile:+8618561603640 (Whats app)

    Email: henglinmachinery@163.com  

    Address:  Qingdao, Shandong, China 

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items