CEO's speech for Official launch of foundry institute


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Honorable leaders, guests, ladies and gentlemen:
Good morning everyone!
Today the weather is sunny, sunny, in this festive and peaceful day, we Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Co. Ltd. and ushered in the school of materials science and engineering Shandong University jointly established "Casting Machinery Research Institute" of the opening ceremony. First of all, please allow me on behalf of Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Co. Ltd. all the staff warmly congratulations on the establishment of Foundry Machinery Research Institute "! In his busy schedule, taking the time to attend the opening ceremony of the leaders and guests to express our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks!
Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, covers an area of about 20 acres, the company has 226 employees, including professional and technical personnel with senior engineers as the main body of the 27 people, have all kinds of more than 100 senior technicians, in major domestic cities and Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions all over the world have offices that is the domestic industry with the most varieties, the most comprehensive set of professional research and design technology, manufacturing cast, shot blasting equipment, environmental protection equipment, molding and core making equipment, sand processing equipment and vertical / horizontal automatic molding equipment, mold production as one of the industrial base.
In recent years, our company in the party committees at all levels, support and help the government and relevant departments, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, output and profits continue to record, achieved very significant results, has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, CE certification and BV certification in France. As of now, our world-class company directly or indirectly involved in the national large-scale engineering construction project has more than 100, with 53 countries and regions in the world to establish a cooperative relationship, 50% of the products supplied to domestic large central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, 20% of the products are exported to overseas markets, 30% of the products supplied to domestic large and medium-sized enterprises in Qingdao. "Heng Lin" the brand in the international and domestic market visibility and reputation is more and more high, make contributions of our enterprise and rapid development of China's advanced manufacturing industry.
We always adhere to the development of national industry as its mission, the research and development of new products in the first place, we not only in China and Shandong University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Ocean University of China and other close cooperation across the major institutions, research and development of high-end products casting machinery, it is often with a research and development team to go abroad to participate in the exhibition industry, the foreign advanced technology back. To absorb, to develop products for the needs of the market. We have to attend this International Conference on 5-6 industry each year, after more than five years of digestion and absorption, through our continuous hard work, we finally developed the automatic molding equipment of foundry industry, completely breaking the monopoly of a few countries such as Europe and the United States. Now the domestic central enterprises and state-owned enterprises have introduced in automation equipment, we even Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are the introduction of automated production The line, which was unthinkable before
Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Co. Ltd., College of materials science and engineering Shandong University Casting Machinery Research founded ", is the crystallization of our company and Shandong University together. The Institute will rely on material science and engineering of Shandong University, abundant scientific research strength and professional advantages, integration of research and development of products and technologies of our enterprise upgrading, joint R & D cooperation casting sophisticated technologies and products mechanical world class, for our company to improve the ability of innovation and provide strong support to enhance market competitiveness. In the study, we will give full play to the self realization of research expertise, seamless docking, sharing the basic research resources, let Alexander" reserve personnel for the world, for the prosperity of the country charts. The purpose here and let our enterprises embark on high-tech development, make our business into the fast lane for rapid development. China's foundry machinery will contribute to the world
The equipment manufacturing industry is the fundamental power of dreams. We Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Co. Ltd. will continue at all levels of Party committees, the government's correct leadership, innovation, strive for Chinese casting machinery and make our due contribution to the development, in order to realize the dream of China contribute.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Co., Ltd. all staff, and in my own name, to all the leaders, to all concerned, units and colleagues to support the construction and development of the company to express our most sincere thanks and best regards! Thank you!

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