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Qingdao Heng Lin Machinery Company: Innovation and promote enterprise development

        Innovation is the first motivation to lead the development. The just-concluded district people's congress second session of the "government work report" proposed to speed up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and enhance the vitality of scientific and technological innovation. Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Zhuhai Sub-district Office, is a private-owned enterprise. In recent years, the Company has taken supply-side structural reform as the main line, accelerating technological innovation and product innovation in the competitive casting machinery industry. "As" machine "to achieve rapid development.

        3D printing technology is currently an internationally respected emerging technology, the 3D printing technology used in casting machinery in the country is in its infancy. Recently, Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. organized Shandong University School of Materials and Engineering, Ocean University of China, Jinan University, Qingzhou sea shield Hydraulic Co., Ltd., "three colleges and two real economy" experts and professors, around 3D printing technology in casting Industrial applications in the mechanical field were discussed together.

        Foundry machinery used to be the new district of the characteristics of the industry, and now many foundry business or because of environmental non-compliance, or because the product can not keep up the market and other factors fall. A few years ago, when many companies are still addicted to product imitation, vicious price competition for the market, Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. has embarked on the introduction of talent, technological innovation and product innovation path of development, this year, companies Professor level senior engineer, senior engineer, engineer as the main body of professional and technical personnel reached 27 people, with all kinds of senior technicians more than 100 people; enterprise annual fund for product research and development reached 6.5 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of corporate profits reached 8 %. Benefiting from the increasing ability of technology research and development and technological innovation, the chief engineer officer of Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. undertook the task of the key project of the Ninth Five-Year Plan of China, which is the task of high-efficiency shot blasting and sand treatment; A heavy used in nuclear power project 600 tons of mobile shot blasting equipment manufacturing engineering; Chongqing Changzheng Heavy Industry HSR car body surface pretreatment equipment manufacturing and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Belt and Road project, steel bridge surface cleaning equipment engineering, direct or Indirect participation of the world-class, national large-scale projects from more than 100.

        In 2013, Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. took the global market into account, took part in the international market competition, placed its overseas markets on the top job positions, learned advanced foreign production technologies and diversified product development, and participated in 4 to 6 international Meetings, product orders from the "0", to stand-alone exports, and then complete sets of automated production line exports, with less than 4 years to complete a lot of companies go 10 years can not finish the road.

        Now, Qingdao Henglin Machinery Co., Ltd. has established cooperative relations with 63 countries and regions and set up a number of offices abroad. 50% of its products are supplied to large-scale central and state-owned enterprises and 20% of its products are exported to overseas markets , 30% of the products supplied to domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, just past 2017, the company won the national high-tech enterprises.

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