Warmly celebrate the success of the automatic molding line project of Qingdao henglin group in uae!


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Recently, Qingdao henglin group in the united Arab emirates in the first automated level no box molding line project in the united Arab emirates passed the acceptance, the project is successful.This is also the first uae casting project in China's casting industry, and it is an important milestone for Qingdao henglin group to implement the "going global" strategy.

Located on the outskirts of dubai, the project is an important production line providing major building materials and components for uae municipal construction.The project owner is the uae RAYAT group, which is the first cooperation between Qingdao henglin group and RAYAT group.

I group users to complete the project as soon as possible in order to help the united Arab emirates (uae) construction, two excellent engineers sent me group, they overcome difficulties, fight day and night in the installation of the front, finally completed the construction of the project within the required time, and training to the best of the user's employees, mastered the production and maintenance of the equipment as soon as possible.

As countries the launch of the "area" development strategy, Qingdao heng Lin group has completed preliminary international market layout, and for several years of market development, project distribution and countries along the "area" development strategic height.From the perspective of the land silk road economic belt, Qingdao henglin group undertakes projects in central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and many other countries.From Pakistan, tajikistan, and then to the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey has been to Europe, Qingdao heng Lin group in these countries have built the Saudi city covers production line project, the Turkish municipal building materials production line project.From the point of maritime silk road, from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, to India, and then to Sudan, mozambique, etc., in these countries and regions, Qingdao heng Lin group exports of shotblast cleaning equipment and small casting equipment more and more.

Qingdao heng Lin group with competitive advantages in the field of casting equipment, in the domestic and overseas casting factory construction project contracting, equipment sales and shotblast cleaning equipment and so on are all realized the production operation situation is becoming better and better progressly.In addition, Qingdao henglin group is also actively expanding to other industries such as environmental protection equipment and automation robots.Qingdao henglin group leaders said that as the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy advances, Qingdao henglin group's business will be further enhanced.

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