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1989 - successful R & D and manufacturing of the first domestic V molding equipment.

2001 - by my company chief expert developed first domestic steel pretreatment line successfully run in Shanghai Waigaoqiao

2002 - by the chief engineer for our company's R & D the first domestic train vehicle cleaning equipment successfully run in Shenyang Locomotive Factory

2005 - R & D and production of the Byd Automobile Company Limited for the production of resin sand casting equipment for automotive mold casting.

2005 - Hebei broad Valve Co., Ltd. R & D and manufacture of the largest 120T/h clay sand molding complete sets of equipment

2006 - Hebei Wuan international R & D and manufacturing the largest 100T/h resin sand mixing machine casting Co. Ltd..

2006 - the first domestic R & D and production of vertical, horizontal flaskless molding line.

2008 - Roca Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., a Spanish owned enterprise, made the country's largest 20 box V /h method modeling line.

2009 - R & D and manufacturing of the first 600T mobile shot blasting cleaning equipment for nuclear power projects in China

2010 - took the lead in the same industry through the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification.

2011 - the first domestic R & D and manufacturing a diameter of 1 meters over the rod billet blasting machine.

2012 - the establishment of the model of the core equipment manufacturing and Research Center

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